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interview skills

5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Gaining admission into a college or university is more competitive than ever — even if you have achieved a stellar grade point average, piled up community service hours and knocked your written application out of the park. The question remains: Are you truly prepared for the one-on-one interview? Given the texting, e-mailing, and online commenting of today’s world, face-to-face engagement skills are on the decline.You are one of many charming, articulate, and intelligent students how are you going to stand out from the crowd? CIC (College Interview Counselors/Career Interview Coaches, LLC ) just published its first book, College Interview Essentials, available on Amazon . anchorThrough this humorous, informative book, CIC founders and authors, Peggy Nash Marx and Kyrie O’Connor, pave the way to having Impressive Interviews. Logo – Here are four tips Marx and O’Connor want to share; but there’s a whole lot more in their book and/or an interview with them: Do your homework. Investigate your school along with the majors you are considering Have at least three reasons why you want to attend that school and how you would contribute to the school as a whole Know your strengths and weaknesses and have specific examples of each which you can discuss Prepare questions for your interviewer, which cannot be answered from the school website. College Interview Essentials helps to sharpen verbal skills and teaches how to maneuver in an interview offering advice that is easy to understand, and effective. CIC’s methodology insures that an applicant will be a confident, strong interviewee! It will not offer Admissions Committees a reason to say NO!! The writers have been involved with top-level college admission interviews for more than twenty-five years and are experts at arming applicants with what they need to know concerning communication and self-marketing.

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interview skills

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