The Facts For 2015 On Real-world Methods For Tips For Curriculum Vitae

They point to Edward Montgomery’s experience and attitude as reasons they think he’s a good fit to lead WMU. Montgomery, 61, who was approved unanimously by trustees Wednesday, April 12 to become WMU’s ninth president, isa labor economist and dean and professor of economics at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy. Montgomery said he was humbled and delighted about the board’s decision to hire him. He likened following current President Dunn to following Barry Sanders on the Detroit Lions, but said he’s eager to embrace the role. “There will be challenges for sure,” he said. More hints“Working together, I know we can enhance our global reach, honor our commitment to sustainability, to diversity and exclusivity, to strengthen our financial position to make Western Michigan University the institute of choice for every child and student in Michigan and this region,” he said. His first focus will be getting to know the area and the people of WMU, he said, and he’s dedicated to keeping students at the core of its mission. “I’m proud to be a part of this university,” he said. WMU’s new president talks about his family, football and why he came to Kalamazoo Under Clinton, Montgomery served as chief economist, then counselor and assistant secretary for the Department of Labor before being named deputy secretary of labor, where he oversaw operations of a $33-billion department. During Obama’s administration, he was a member of the president’s auto task force and led the inter-agency White House Council for Auto Communities and Workers, in a position the media dubbed “the Auto Czar.” During a more than 35-year academic career, Montgomery has held faculty positions at Carnegie Mellon and Michigan State universities and the University of Maryland. He has been at Georgetown since 2010. Montgomery will start at WMU on Aug. 1. Dunn, who had planned to retire June 30, will stay on the job through the end of July.

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11 spring cleaning hacks from Pinterest that are legit super useful Just rub some lemon juice on fixtures, wiping off any residue, and bam! 8. Clean & reseason a rusty cast iron pan While you cant run these babies through the dishwasher, you can do *this.* Dip a damp cloth in Kosher salt and use it to scrub off any rust, rinse the pan in hot water, then pat to dry. Next, leave the pan on a hot stove to allow the moisture to evaporate, and while on the stove, pour on a splash of canola oil. Wearing oven mitts, use a dish rag to rub in the oil. Afterward, remove the pan from the stove and plop on a cookie sheet and into the oven to bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour. Make sure to place it upside down, to allow any excess oil to drip off. 9. Use an old wine rack for bathroom towel storage This one is a no-brainer! Just hang the wine rack in the bathroom and neatly wrap the towels to fit.

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tips for curriculum vitae

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